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Passionate About Inspiring Others

Three years ago I was 16 years old. My mother was working from early morning to evening that we could survive through the month. I remembered that many times my classmates talked about trips which they had with their family, fancy cars bought by their parents, designer clothes and many more... So I decided to make a change in my life. I tried many things for success, from selling second-hand clothes to owning a Shopify store and reselling items from Chinese websites. This made me my first 500$ profit. But shipping rates got too expensive and margins became too small. This is the reason why I started trading Forex. First time when I saw big profits from other traders I thought this is a scam. But today I'm one of them. How? Learning, working and patience. This are three magic words to succeed in trading. 


Two years ago I decided to start trading Forex. I didnt knew anything about it, just that this is foreign currency pairs and I needed to "predict" if they rise or fall. The word "predict" is amateur explanation and its not allowed to use.

My first trades didn't be profitable and I nearly lost my deposit. I wanted to forget Forex trading and invest my money in other businesses. But I couldn't forget big profits from other traders. So I decided to learn about Forex patterns and started technical analysis of the graphs. I studied to late night. In the morning I was in school and around afternoon a came home. I spent all my free time studying Forex, when my friends were partying all night, I been at home and learning. But I don't regret lost parties and hanging outs with friends. All the effort is paid off today when I come to school with Range Rover Sport and wearing Rolex watch on my hand. But the best thing is to help my mom. To buy her new car, luxury clothes, helping to pay bills and many more. The friends who partying, playing computer games, having a great time and making jokes from me when I was learning Forex. They must work part-time jobs and driving around in "crappy" cars when I driving Range Rover Sport and making huge profits in Forex...

Everyone have the opportunity to do something for their life. You just need to be ambitious and believe in yourself. Everyone is capable of achieving their dreams. But first, you need to have dreams, just follow it and working hard on your project. Maybe you will fail in the first step, but failures is the best school for life. I was failed many times before the first results were shown. Every master was once a beginner and every pro was once an amateur. 

I never understood why some successful traders offering their payable course and signals. I thought to myself why the heck they doing that? In any case, they making huge profits in Forex, they dont need this small amounts from people who buy their courses.

Today im one of those traders who offering the signals and knowledge service. Why i doing that? Simply, because I know that in the world living a lot of teenagers and also the older people who want to achieve their goals in life. People who want to make their parents or their kids a better life. People who work 9 to 5 and cannot live a lifestyle which the want. There are a lot of options to become rich or financially secure, Forex is the option which i chose to change my life.  

Now you know my story. If I made it you can do it too, just believe in yourself!


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